Life Prison and Jed Not Delivering The Full Blast

David asked me to make a comment on these two statements: “They dream about being completely free, but very few realise that Reality is always Prison, and you only become free at full recognition of this fact.” and Jed McKenna is “far from delivering the full blast of unvarnished Reality.” To the first one: 1. … Continue reading Life Prison and Jed Not Delivering The Full Blast

Words Negate Reality: At Silence Point

Below is U.G. Krishnamurti's last talk recorded a few weeks before his death.  I have never read this before, but it resonates because much of it (not all) I have come to recognise from own experience. Since it had been expressed already, I saw no need to rephrase. Krishnamurti was a much misunderstood man. He … Continue reading Words Negate Reality: At Silence Point

Reality Has No Contenders

The disconnect between Reality and its psycho-cognitive representation springs from the human Mind which, unlike the body, is ill-equipped to cope with the demands of survival. Humanity has been collectively losing its marbles ever since the first imaginative thought was consciously recognised as a separate creation, probably somewhere among the drawings in the Lascaux Cave. If … Continue reading Reality Has No Contenders

Jed, Importance Of Feeling And Perfect Darkness

Sounds contradictory, right? What the hell....... Jed eschews feeling!! What are you talking about??.... It looks that way on the surface. Not true. What you see is not what you get. The angst of the first book is what resonated with me FIRST. If you cannot feel that twisted wrapped sense of total dissolution of … Continue reading Jed, Importance Of Feeling And Perfect Darkness

Plato’s Cave And Diligent ‘Students’

The power of own insight is overwhelming. Everything can be seen clearly ONLY when it was something that came directly from - self. I never knew about Plato's analogy with the cave, but came to that through own gut wrenching, blood and tears search of the two years before the Big Bang. It was really … Continue reading Plato’s Cave And Diligent ‘Students’

The Lie Of ‘All Will Arrive’

Clarity of Vision is the only true measure of Enlightenment, the rest are simply human sales techniques. Tano   This was posted on EM Facebook page: "I enjoy your 'exposing Jed' blog very much. He's still very true to what his books preach tho. I'm looking forward to something that would in any way contradict … Continue reading The Lie Of ‘All Will Arrive’