You’d Be Wise To Wonder

"So you get a book about waking up and the book is pretty good so you get another one, and the next thing you know, spiritual books have satisfied your desire for spiritual progress and the danger of actual change has been averted. (Does that make me an agent of delusion? You'd be wise to … Continue reading You’d Be Wise To Wonder

The Jed Hook Mechanism (Part I)

Over a year ago Jed contracted dengue fever and commented on the forum that he had a virus and was taking a few days off. One of the forum members exclaimed 'You, YOU are the virus!!' That was accurate and to the point. Jed leaves hooks in most people he communicates with; the vast majority … Continue reading The Jed Hook Mechanism (Part I)

A Loss Of True Self

'To play the human survival Game always means the loss of true Self. Always, there are no exceptions'. This statement above had the following reply: 'Survival is a core driver of living organisms. So it simply cannot be a betrayal of anything real… only perhaps of some false, egoic self.' The real doesn't get betrayed. … Continue reading A Loss Of True Self

‘WHO AM I’ Is Simple

'Crowds are a common denominator of stench'. - Friedrich Nietzsche  'You are.. what is.. when no one is looking at you.' This sentence came to me a few months back when I attempted to convey to someone why the question in the title confuses most humans. What you are cannot be logically defined, but it … Continue reading ‘WHO AM I’ Is Simple

The Lie Of ‘No Self’

I am going to start a series on what you would call 'debunking enlightenment' posts. As it happens I travelled the same path as Jed McKenna, and I got to know him well, including his physical form. But let me tell you something... there is NOTHING in the end of it all. But 'nothing' would … Continue reading The Lie Of ‘No Self’

The Very Basics Of Love Reality

Let's look at the very basics. What motivates you in this life? What is it? It’s rather simple… YOU as an individual organism – want to live. It’s the root of all the selfishness in the world. If we can face this fact FIRST, unclouded by all the concepts of ‘goodness’ and ‘charity’, it makes … Continue reading The Very Basics Of Love Reality