Whack-A-Monkey Emails

I guess I am a bad bad human monkey for writing 'bad' emails like the one below. BAAAD.It was prompted by a gazillion emails from the person, mostly not making any sense whatsoever, and flooding my inbox with tantrums akin to a little boy in the playground. Yet, the man is fully educated, physically grown-up, … Continue reading Whack-A-Monkey Emails

The Nature Of Reality And Koans?

BIG question - simple answer. The nature of Reality is that it is REAL That's it!! Hmm... I hear a disappointing groan... What did you expect, some long-winded reply with references to classical texts and  'big' names in philosophy and spirituality? Nah.. why rely on the dead minds when you've got your own: alive, thinking, … Continue reading The Nature Of Reality And Koans?

Jed McKenna Evolution

Every time I read a passage from one of Jed McKenna books I feel two things. I feel a shrill sense of love for the measure of simplicity afforded to his otherwise complex mind. His very precise expressions are borne out of clarity and lucidity, the very qualities I personally appreciate in human minds at … Continue reading Jed McKenna Evolution