Richard Rose And Humanity

"you've got to get this Pollyanna crap out of your heads. People think they can indulge in whatever whim overpowers them at the moment, and that somehow this 'spontaneity' is going to transform them into a wonderful spiritual creature that God just can't resist loving. This is nonsense. Life isn't pleasure, it's constant struggle driven … Continue reading Richard Rose And Humanity

Forget Another’s Words: Own Insight Takes The Biscuit

I had a number of emails from someone young whose mind hasn't yet calcified to the point where prising it open becomes a torturous and painful for them process. This young person has just realised something I brought up many times here on EM: "The world we experience is an illusion and a dream in … Continue reading Forget Another’s Words: Own Insight Takes The Biscuit

Human Stupidity Versus Human Ignorance

I had this message recently from someone who read all the posts on the EM. It made me think of 'ignorance' versus 'stupidity' conundrum whereby ignorance in my eyes is infinitely preferable to stupidity. "Hi, there, I am a student of Jed... I appreciate the effort of yours... just have some kindly suggestion... Let it … Continue reading Human Stupidity Versus Human Ignorance

Jed McKenna Evolution

Every time I read a passage from one of Jed McKenna books I feel two things. I feel a shrill sense of love for the measure of simplicity afforded to his otherwise complex mind. His very precise expressions are borne out of clarity and lucidity, the very qualities I personally appreciate in human minds at … Continue reading Jed McKenna Evolution

Charging For Deprogramming: Is It So Awful?

I had an email from someone I consider level-headed and sincere in communication. It contained a few interesting questions. "I do wonder something about Kenneth: Do you ever think “hey, he’s playing the role given him by Nature, let it be”. Or are you more like: “he does his thing, and my thing is to … Continue reading Charging For Deprogramming: Is It So Awful?

On Memento Mori

Someone asked me 'You had a death experience at 8 and then again at the age of 40 and you write that it was like what Ramana had at 16. What happened?' I had a few close encounters with physical death, but nothing compares to that first conscious seeing of Boundless Emptiness beyond. At eight … Continue reading On Memento Mori