Toothless Spirituality Bites The Bullet

Outside of the world of birth...    unless you are selling, and Mr. Thich (or Nguyen, a common Vietnamese name) is certainly no slouch in the art of self promotion. However, he is correct in that common spiritual Nirvana bullheadedly pursued by the hopefuls - is the furthest from Reality, and they are looking for something … Continue reading Toothless Spirituality Bites The Bullet

If You Meet The Buddha

Those who dabbled in spiritual matters know this expression only too well: 'If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him'. I've seen various interpretations, but most zoom in on the fact that people encounter something or someone, learn a life lesson from that and move on, further and beyond. However, the true reality … Continue reading If You Meet The Buddha

Seeking Is Endeavour Of The Privileged

I once expressed it somewhere that the modern day phenomenon of spiritual 'search', in the way it takes place in attending satsangs, in reading books, in involved online exchanges, in following this 'guru' or that 'guru', in banding up together into little communities - is the endeavour of the privileged and the well-fed. The hungry … Continue reading Seeking Is Endeavour Of The Privileged

ABBA, Cults And Enlightened People

Huh??? What does this old pop group have to do with the above? Well, I find that ABBA have covered just about every hue of the human condition in their songs: from broken hearts to broken marriages, from teenhood to growing old, from slaves to masters, from Reality to Dream. And they did it all … Continue reading ABBA, Cults And Enlightened People

Truth Realisation And Chance

Someone asked me this: "And then you said something very striking to do with T.R. being Chance. Well and furthermore that enlightenment doesn't even exist, but one thing at a time. Can you tell me a little more about your understanding of how "T.R." lands on humans? And how advisable is it for us humans … Continue reading Truth Realisation And Chance

SAND Witchcraft And Wizardry

A non dual chicanery convention of Science and Nonduality (aka SAND) starts tomorrow in San Jose, California. A 126 strong cadre of brainwashing professionals will look to mingle among the like-minded, as well as to enlighten the sleeping masses. In its mission statement SAND declares the following: With the Scientific Revolution, empirical discoveries began to … Continue reading SAND Witchcraft And Wizardry