“Leaving Neverland”, Hey We Never Left It!

  "He told me he loved me, and that's how love is expressed" Jimmy Safechuck, one of many boys befriended by a paedophile who hid in full view.   "After a while I realized there was a pattern. Every twelve months there was a new boy in his life". Wade Robson's mother, one of many … Continue reading “Leaving Neverland”, Hey We Never Left It!

Stick Your ‘Peace’ Where The Sun Don’t Shine

  Let's cut to the chase. Every human runs on various degrees of depressive states, all of which are well represented in language: depression, melancholy, sadness, despondency, desolation, misery... and there seems to be no end in sight. It is not the well-recorded clinical depression of medical manuals when one sees no reason to get … Continue reading Stick Your ‘Peace’ Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Message Reply: Trauma And Enlightenment

I had a long and thoughtful message from someone. It touched upon trauma (both the correspondent's own and his perception of mine), the human experience, the teachers who talk about joy, connection to enlightenment, 'Jed'. Below is my reply in all entirety, unedited. Make of it what you wish. Thank you for your (long) message. … Continue reading Message Reply: Trauma And Enlightenment