Fake Everything

Aussies contribute to the Trump concession debate.. the Aussie style. I laughed when the eagle got Donny at 1:43. Sorry, could not NOT share, as it covers most points in 2 minutes 19 seconds. Yeah yeah.. may seem a shallow undignified response, but it fits the man - shallow and undignified. A fake human being, … Continue reading Fake Everything

The Nightmare Is Over

I am slightly disappointed. What, no chaotic, last ditch attempt at a power grab? No twits anymore??? No daily CNN evangelical on the evils of the White House Bogeyman?? Is it REALLY over? The reality is… Donald was all bark and no bite. Such commendable energy levels and staying power... but sometimes Mother Nature simply … Continue reading The Nightmare Is Over

Elections And Clear Thinking

This below was written by me to our impostor Ken McMordie in February 2017. The last passage is my prediction then - for Donald Trump. It illustrates what is possible to foresee when one looks at and considers the real state of affairs in the world as opposed to the personally preferred and delusion driven … Continue reading Elections And Clear Thinking