Get It Got It

  Rudy asked me a few questions here that I would like to address. But before I do... I used to live near places like that photo above. I lived in a town, but it was surrounded by the rolling green hills, narrow country lanes, cute villages and tiny hamlets with an obligatory old church … Continue reading Get It Got It

To You Know Who

EDITORIAL MISSION STATEMENT "To erase boundaries, right wrongs, ease suffering, uplift the down-trodden, ennoble the poor in spirit and make ludicrous amounts of money without actually doing a whole lot." said Jed a long time ago. 'Tis proved doable. Huh.. sorta. Parts of.  Well...………… ONE part. Do you know the most odd aspect of trawling … Continue reading To You Know Who

Words Negate Reality: At Silence Point

Below is U.G. Krishnamurti's last talk recorded a few weeks before his death.  I have never read this before, but it resonates because much of it (not all) I have come to recognise from own experience. Since it had been expressed already, I saw no need to rephrase. Krishnamurti was a much misunderstood man. He … Continue reading Words Negate Reality: At Silence Point

‘WHO AM I’ Is Simple

'Crowds are a common denominator of stench'. - Friedrich Nietzsche  'You are.. what is.. when no one is looking at you.' This sentence came to me a few months back when I attempted to convey to someone why the question in the title confuses most humans. What you are cannot be logically defined, but it … Continue reading ‘WHO AM I’ Is Simple

There Is No Teaching

Tell them that there is nothing to understand. - U.G. Krishnamurti What is the difference between Jed McKenna and U.G. Krishnamurti whom Jed liberally quoted throughout his books? In the level of Seeing - there is none. Both men realised there was nothing to realise. But their respective choices of what to DO with the … Continue reading There Is No Teaching