On The Matter Of Being Silent. Help Needed.

How are you? Noticed that you’re not writing much here lately.J(: The gigabytes of information are bursting to be set free into the world, and I've been nursing a few ideas. I would like to publish the author's name, but the current website format does not allow for what I have in mind. Don't worry, … Continue reading On The Matter Of Being Silent. Help Needed.

The Onion Network And Secure Mail Users

Seeker, Proxies, VPN servers and tor exits are fairly frequent on this website, but I will not reply to correspondence originated from Tor nodes. I simply don't have the technical 'know-how' and the time to deal with potential cyber probes, nor is there a team of knowledgeable techies supporting this site. Hence, the conservative approach. … Continue reading The Onion Network And Secure Mail Users

A Quick Note

I am in Vietnam, away from it all (for now). The downside is that the internet connection here is very patchy, to say the least. I reply to emails as and when the connection magically appears. Happy holidays to those who celebrate. Happy time of doing nothing - to those who don't. Back in the … Continue reading A Quick Note

Peder Sweeney Entries

I was asked numerous times via e-mail to allow access to Peder Sweeney entries. As some of you are aware, the entries were open last year. I closed them because people took full advantage of the information, but being human animals - they also did their best to bash the EM in return. By now … Continue reading Peder Sweeney Entries

How To Be Frank, Part 2

After the 'Marina' conversations Frank and YBS progressed to skype. This was the point at which I realised that Frank stopped being upfront. We had a FB conversation in the course of a week where I stated that, and Frank didn't like it much. There were many more interactions prior to that, both on FB … Continue reading How To Be Frank, Part 2