Tell them that there is nothing to understand.
U.G. Krishnamurti

The story of what I call my ‘Big Bang’ can be found here if one needs ‘credentials’. It is not a story of an ‘enlightened’ being, for no human has ever become enlightened, not even the much revered Buddha.

In the years that followed it became clear to me that enlightenment is, indeed, the damnedest, most baseless tale of the human Mind, without existential reality and factual presence.

Yet, it is talked about, searched for, supported by countless manuscripts of old and new. People hungrily consume the ‘wisdom’ of spiritual books, spend decades following an assortment of gurus, immerse themselves in the ancient traditions of far away lands, shell out handsome amounts for the privilege of talking to their teachers one to one and in collective gatherings. For many the search itself has become raison d’etre, addictive in its capacity to give meaning to an otherwise meaningless Life.

A search for enlightenment corals its aspirants into a very narrow mind tunnel. Most are way off. Why?

Some – because they yet lack life experience. For those enlightenment is a concept to discuss and dissect, and you will find plenty of young eager humans in online communities and spiritual discussion groups in physical world.

Some – lack critical thinking skills and an ability to discern. They are the devotional types who will follow and support spiritual charlatans no matter what. They may receive a lightening bolt one day that might allow them to see their ‘teachers’ in the true light. Finally.

Some – are the folks operating on emotion and using those emotional cues on others in order to hammer down their position.  They may be intelligent in the conventional sense, but completely lack existential intelligence. It is the closest to animals level of human mind evolution.

Some – play the game of back scratching. The world is – as is, and without a degree of cooperation with others one may perish real fast. In simple terms, they lie in order to survive.  They pose as magnanimous and humble, which is an unconscious act into the Game. Most are unaware that this specific module of human programming drives them.Ironically, they see themselves as open, generous and cooperative.

Some – are devoted to enlightenment as a good excuse to experiment with psychedelics. They firmly believe that those transient moments of tripping when their bodies are flooded with hormones because psychedelics have blocked their metabolizing – will make them free from the troubled mind. Some start experimenting into their middle age years, after everything else had failed.

Some – had consumed and internalised so much ‘spiritual’ literature that it has become another way of programming the mind, this time with the expectations of how enlightenment and enlightened ought to be. They are the ones who endlessly quote ancient scriptures, use foreign phrases and fight against anything outside of their preferred spiritual dogma.

From the above you may discern there are a few certain conditions that need to converge in one individual for their mind to jolt out of slumber, turn and gain the ability to see everything in its true light. This newly found mind is independent of a person’s origins, education, culture and so on. Most people who gained true vision of reality have very similar or the same perceptions. They see what is, and what is – is the same for everyone, hence, a certain sameness in their accounts and understandings.

 Having walked the whole circle and having arrived at exactly the same starting point I can say that one arrives at nothing and gains nothing. What changes then? PERSPECTIVE. The Mind gains Clarity of vision through becoming aware of what truly is.

So why all the occult techniques and practices which were designed thousands of years ago by some folks who believed the Earth was flat?

Why the ambiguous words and the vocabulary borrowed from the dead Eastern languages that no one in their right mind would learn otherwise?

Why numerous gurus and the perpetual scandals of one nature or another, about their conduct?

If there is nothing to find, what is being searched?

More importantly, how does ‘nothing’ get sold to you?

Stop, take a breath, have a good look around and ask if any of it is true. I am not a ‘spiritual teacher’. There will be no PayPal button on this site. There is nothing to teach, to sell or to charge for.

The site and this account of events will stand on their own as a testament to the Grand Illusion of Enlightenment.

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