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Truth Realisation And Chance

Someone asked me this: "And then you said something very striking to do with T.R. being Chance. Well and furthermore that enlightenment doesn't even exist, but one thing at a time. Can you tell me a little more about your understanding of how "T.R." lands on humans? And how advisable is it for us humans … Continue reading Truth Realisation And Chance

SAND Witchcraft And Wizardry

A non dual chicanery convention of Science and Nonduality (aka SAND) starts tomorrow in San Jose, California. A 126 strong cadre of brainwashing professionals will look to mingle among the like-minded, as well as to enlighten the sleeping masses. In its mission statement SAND declares the following: With the Scientific Revolution, empirical discoveries began to … Continue reading SAND Witchcraft And Wizardry

Message Reply: Trauma And Enlightenment

I had a long and thoughtful message from someone. It touched upon trauma (both the correspondent's own and his perception of mine), the human experience, the teachers who talk about joy, connection to enlightenment, 'Jed'. Below is my reply in all entirety, unedited. Make of it what you wish. Thank you for your (long) message. … Continue reading Message Reply: Trauma And Enlightenment

On Memento Mori

Someone asked me 'You had a death experience at 8 and then again at the age of 40 and you write that it was like what Ramana had at 16. What happened?' I had a few close encounters with physical death, but nothing compares to that first conscious seeing of Boundless Emptiness beyond. At eight … Continue reading On Memento Mori

Back To The Drawing Board

When I started the EM website, the only purpose was to share what I came to know about a man here in Cambodia who runs the IG forum. At that time I knew nothing more than his physical identity: no name, no past, no previous associations. As more information was coming in, the picture became … Continue reading Back To The Drawing Board