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Surrender Is Misleading

The word 'surrender’ is misleading. Mis-leading. It’s ONE step on the way, which may NOT take you there at all, but without surrender it won’t happen. It’s the moment when you’ve given up the chase, basically. Of everything. In normal language – you want nothing, don’t give a shit about anything, yourself included. All you … Continue reading Surrender Is Misleading

Spiritual Autolysis As Active Thinking Process

It is not 'spiritual', and it is only 'self digestion' if a person is concurrently consumed by a great deal of emotion, which seems to be the case for many seekers. Much confusion exists as to what the hell 'autolysis' means and what the hell one does with the 'autolysis'. Keep in mind that 'Jed's' … Continue reading Spiritual Autolysis As Active Thinking Process

Stick Your ‘Peace’ Where The Sun Don’t Shine

  Let's cut to the chase. Every human runs on various degrees of depressive states, all of which are well represented in language: depression, melancholy, sadness, despondency, desolation, misery... and there seems to be no end in sight. It is not the well-recorded clinical depression of medical manuals when one sees no reason to get … Continue reading Stick Your ‘Peace’ Where The Sun Don’t Shine

A State Of Profound Disagreement

I came across this quote today: Question: When you have disagreements with people, do you raise your voice?   Jed McKenna: I hope not. I live in a state of profound disagreement with everyone about everything. I’d never stop screaming.   SPIRITUAL WARFARE, Jed McKenna   Yes. This is a profoundly true statement with many … Continue reading A State Of Profound Disagreement

Forget Another’s Words: Own Insight Takes The Biscuit

I had a number of emails from someone young whose mind hasn't yet calcified to the point where prising it open becomes a torturous and painful for them process. This young person has just realised something I brought up many times here on EM: "The world we experience is an illusion and a dream in … Continue reading Forget Another’s Words: Own Insight Takes The Biscuit

Jed McKenna And Survival Of The Fittest

"The only way to get rich from a self-help book is to write one." God Is My Broker, Christopher Buckley I would add that the only way to remain blind to Reality is to keep reading those self-help and spiritual books. If any of you are of the illusion that spiritual books are NOT in the … Continue reading Jed McKenna And Survival Of The Fittest

Peder Sweeney Entries

I was asked numerous times via e-mail to allow access to Peder Sweeney entries. As some of you are aware, the entries were open last year. I closed them because people took full advantage of the information, but being human animals - they also did their best to bash the EM in return. By now … Continue reading Peder Sweeney Entries