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On The Matter Of Being Silent. Help Needed.

How are you? Noticed that you’re not writing much here lately.J(: The gigabytes of information are bursting to be set free into the world, and I've been nursing a few ideas. I would like to publish the author's name, but the current website format does not allow for what I have in mind. Don't worry, … Continue reading On The Matter Of Being Silent. Help Needed.

“I will Take Leave Of You”

"I will take leave of you" Richard Rose The author of McKenna books has been wise in wanting to have absolutely nothing up close and personal with his readership: no exchanges or correspondence, no forums, discussions, blog writings, no question/answer sessions, skype, Facebook groups, interviews... zilch, zero, naught, nil, nada. Nothing. It is the most … Continue reading “I will Take Leave Of You”