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Detax Article Response

Below is an email I received after having published the detax article, from someone who  quickly figured out Kenneth's full name and whatever other tricks he got involved in later on in life: Thanks Tano for the latest Jed 4.4 article. He was ripping people off in 2009 after writing 3 of his books. Kenneth … Continue reading Detax Article Response

Readers’ Emails

I receive one or two emails a day and reply to all. However, those of you who lie - will receive a kick in the teeth, in the same way Kenneth once said in his book 'I will do them a favour of kicking them in the teeth'. I smell insincerity a mile off from … Continue reading Readers’ Emails

Reality Has No Contenders

The disconnect between Reality and its psycho-cognitive representation springs from the human Mind which, unlike the body, is ill-equipped to cope with the demands of survival. Humanity has been collectively losing its marbles ever since the first imaginative thought was consciously recognised as a separate creation, probably somewhere among the drawings in the Lascaux Cave. If … Continue reading Reality Has No Contenders

The Enlightenment Myth Is Back Online

Explore the new layout. I hope it would make it easier to follow the story. The two blogs have been merged into one. If you previously subscribed to Jed McKenna - it has been archived and all the posts transfered here as chapters, with some changes. You will need to re-subscribe to EM if you … Continue reading The Enlightenment Myth Is Back Online

Enlightenment Myth Offline

The JM section articles  were published in sequence so that people could follow the events and understand how it all unfolded. However, newcomers found the site confusing. There is no timeline or a visible starting point. I considered this a couple of weeks ago and since then had a few emails with questions which indicate … Continue reading Enlightenment Myth Offline

Jed, Importance Of Feeling And Perfect Darkness

Sounds contradictory, right? What the hell....... Jed eschews feeling!! What are you talking about??.... It looks that way on the surface. Not true. What you see is not what you get. The angst of the first book is what resonated with me FIRST. If you cannot feel that twisted wrapped sense of total dissolution of … Continue reading Jed, Importance Of Feeling And Perfect Darkness